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Amazonas Daisy Black


Beautiful bridle for classical riding – or just looking good when going for a ride on your favourite horse.

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Beautiful  classical inspired bridle for classical riding – for show or for fun. Enjoy the high handmade quality. Handmade bridle produced in Germany. The bridle is designed by Amazonas in Denmark and enjoyed all over the world.

To be ridden with both curb bits and snaffles as shown in photo.

The Daisy bridle is inspired by the old times riders – and their joy of decorating their horses in a quiet and yet elegant way. The ornaments are produced in England and the bridle has a quiet elegance – not too flashy. For the riders who want to “dress up” – but not too much.

All our bridles are made of high quality vegetable tanned leather and are made to last a lifetime. This one comes in black and brown.


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